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60 mm Ultra Drain Standard

Stylish, elegant and clean. – Yes we are talking about a drainage system… the unique Ultra Drain 60.

Simple to install and even easier to keep clean, with the revolutionary lift up alloy top.

The Ultra Drain 60 is a multifunctional, state-of-the-art drainage system, specifically designed for use around homes, swimming pools, patios, tennis courts or wherever an aesthetically pleasing drain is desired.

With a high water flow capacity and strong enough to withstand light vehicular traffic, it is unobtrusive and fits flush with any surface.
  • Dimensions Available 60mm width x 100mm depth x 2.8m length.
  • Base made of PVC, fluted for extra strength and weight.
  • Capable of withstanding domestic vehicles when set in concrete.
  • Smooth PVC base enhances water flow and assists self-cleaning. The alloy top for the 100mm drain comes with a 3mm fall to the centre aiding the water collection to the drain base.
  • All fittings are easily connected using PVC solvent glue.
  • PVC channel will maintain its form during construction due to a “poly-former” insert which is provided with each length.
  • Due to the design of the channel base, the drain should never move or float when set into concrete.
  • Top grating is extruded aluminum, anodized to marine grade specifications and is removable for cleaning purposes. Abrasive resistant sandblasted top grating also available.
  • Accessories including 90 degree corners, lockable top, side and bottom outlets and a 250mm cleaning section are also available.
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The Ultra Drain 100mm wide drainage system is available in the following packs:


** 100mm depth **

Open End Discharge 0.5m fall (500L/M)

1x 2.80m Drain Base and Alloy Top,
1 x 2.80m Poly Former Insert
1 x End Outlet, 1 x End Cap

2 X 2.80 Drain Base and Alloy Top,
Poly Former Inserts, 1 x Joiner,
1 x End Outlet, 2 x End Caps,

4 X 2.80m Drain Base and Alloy Top,
Poly Former Inserts, 3 x Joiners,
2 x End Outlets, 2 x End Caps


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