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Sunbather Benefits

Sunbather Benefits

Customers Drive Our Innovation

Customers demand more choice these days and in many cases large black panel solar pool heating collectors are just not acceptable. Rigid solar systems are also very noticeable on the roof and can be quite ugly. With Sunbather innovation has taken solar to new heights, approaching the Invisible Solar System.

Sunbather Award WinningAward Winning Flat Loops (not available in New Zealand)

On traditional solar systems, the loop ends can stick up as much as 20cm above the roof line and these FAT Loops collect debris and look quite ugly. With Sunbather’s ‘Flat Loop Technology’ we can eliminate ugly FAT Loops.

As the name suggests, each ‘Flat Loop’ is a self contained, injection moulded loop return system that lies flat and unobtrusive against the roof. Not an afterthought which is glued on or joined.

Leading with Coloured Solar…So good looking you can barely see it!

Sunbather started the colour revolution and since 2000, Sunbather has offered a range of 6 contemporary colours.
Designed to blend with any environment to ensure your solar system is attractive as possible while still delivering maximum performance.

Sunbather Flat LoopsHiPEC Formula…. not rubber!!

flat_loopsEPDM Rubber is fundamentally unsuited to solar pool heating and history proves it can break down, stain your pool black and sometimes peel off the roof. That’s why Sunbather created its exclusive HiPEC solar collector. HiPEC is an elastomeric compound far superior to any other solar collector material and it has given Sunbather customers problem free solar for over 20 years. It also has greater resistance to weather, UV & naturally comes with the industry’s best warranty.

Kwik-Lok…. engineered excellence.

Unfortunately Manifold Headers have traditionally been the weakest point of a solar system but now those days are gone with Sunbather’s Kwik Lok Header. It’s made from ABS plastic, a cut above standard PVC to withstand tough New Zealand temperatures. They come in Grey or Terracotta to blend in with your roof. White pipe on your home looks ugly !
It’s unique Barb Retainers protect the joins from damage, UV and Hail Storms and it’s flexible on all roof types and with the installation makes it the industry’s easiest and most flexible Manifold to work with.


Established in 1982, the SSL Group has grown and developed over the years to it’s present status, with two Companies now operating within the Group. These being SSL Distributors Ltd.(previously known as Sunbather Systems Ltd), and  Ultra Corporation Ltd.


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