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Selecting a Pure Silk Chlorinator

Heavy Duty:

Every Puresilk™ Automatic Chlorinator will easily cope with what, for other chlorinators would be struggle. That’s because every Puresilk™ model is a ‘heavy duty’ chlorinator.

Maximum Water Temperature:

Some ‘salt’ chlorinators only quote cool climate specifications to show their units at their best. But swimming pools are less common in cool climates. That’s why Puresilk™ specifications cover all three climate types.

The Puresilk™ Chlorinator Selection Chart assumes that the maximum water temperature in a Cool Climate is around 18 degrees Celsius, in a Temperate Climate it’s around 24 degrees Celsius and a Tropical Climate it’s 25 degrees Celsius or above.

Maximum Pool Size:

The maximum pool sizes listed are based on ideal conditions where the water temperature is low, the water balance is perfect, demand is low and the filtration system is in excellent condition. However, these conditions rarely exist.

It is therefore recommended that, if perfect conditions are in doubt, then a model at least one size larger than that specified in the chart should be selected.

It is always best to use peak demand levels when sizing. So the extremes of summer and the effects a pool heating system, now or in the future, should be taken into account.

Low Salt Levels:

In some regions, low salt levels are mandatory. In other regions it is necessary or recommended. For many normal ‘salt’ chlorinators this imposes an unsustainable load on the system.

All Puresilk™ chlorinators will cope with such conditions but the LS or ‘Low Salt’ models are specifically
designed to work very efficiently and effectively in a low salt environment.

They also offer superior performance in situations where water temperatures and calcium hardness levels are high.

Commercial Pools:

Commercial applications also impose severe additional stresses on the normal ‘salt’ chlorinator.
In these situations, the robust durability and high performance of the LS models are a huge advantage.

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Puresilk™ Water Quality Management systems can rightfully claim to be the very best of their type in the pool and spa industry worldwide. To achieve that goal they have been designed without any compromise and constructed of the highest quality components and materials available.

They will operate happily in conditions others will not tolerate. They will do so automatically without constant adjustment or maintenance. They will do so efficiently and with economy. And they will do all that for many, many, many years.

In every market around the world they will be governed by differing regulations and conditions, and the Puresilk™ warranty must reflect these differences in each market. But one thing will remain constant. Puresilk™ systems will always be built to the highest standards of quality and durability. And every Puresilk™ warranty will be a guarantee of that.


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