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Puresilkô Chromatalyzer

In a swimming pool or spa, as well as forces trying to contaminate the water, there are forces trying to make that water more acidic or more alkaline. If either wins, a build up of scale or corrosion will result. All these forces are constant so they need to be constantly monitored. And to maintain equilibrium, the forces used to cancel them out need to be precisely administered. In the past, both of these tasks fell to the pool owner.

Water would be tested daily and samples regularly taken to the pool shop so chemicals could be added. The longer the gap between tests, the greater the imbalance and the greater the chemical dosage required to restore that balance. The Puresilk™ Chromatic Sampler now replaces that guesswork and hard work. It’s a scientific instrument designed to monitor water quality at least twice per day and inject just the right amount of chlorine or acid to maintain perfect balance.


Balance: Puresilk Chromatic Sampler.

Balance is defined as a state of equilibrium between opposing forces.

The patented Puresilk™ Chromatic Sampler uses ground-breaking, colorimetric sensing technology to test, analyse and correct water purity. It automatically mixes precise amounts of sample water and reagents in a test chamber and uses a photodiode to accurately measure the light intensity passing through the sample. If necessary, the microprocessor then activates its Peristaltic Pump to deliver just enough acid to bring the pH back into balance. It may also adjust the Puresilk™ Automatic Chlorinator’s output so there is always just the right amount of chlorine to destroy any new algae or bacteria.

So, it not only removes the need for daily manual testing and dosing, it manages itself. There is no calibration required. Each reagent satchel performs over 500 tests so they only need replacing every 6 months. And the testing chamber rinses itself after every test. In another first, the system automatically senses any switch from the pool to a spa and adjusts itself accordingly. And its sensors alert you if the Chlorinator is set too low or if chlorine and pH targets have not been achieved within a 12 hour period.

In essence, the Puresilk™ Chromatic Sampler takes all the work out of water testing. It tests far more accurately and will ensure that your pool or spa is always totally pure and balanced.


Puresilk™ has No Probes!

Therefore, there are no probes to regularly clean. There are no probes to be affected by hydrogen gas and malfunction. There is no need to regularly re-calibrate the system. And there is no chance of ground leakage into the water. Reagent satchels hold enough reagent to automatically test chlorine and pH levels more than 500 times.

The piston and drive shaft draw up an exact volume of water for analysis.

Chromatic or colorimetric testing is performed by a photodiode firing coloured light through a test sample containing specific reagents.

The peristaltic pump injects the precise amount of acid to balance the pool thereby eliminating dangerous manual handling of acid.

The microprocessor is easily configured to suit almost all domestic and commercial pool and spa sizes. Little or no programming is required.

Automatic Pool/Spa Switching:

If a ‘salt’ chlorinator applies its pool settings to spa operation it will over-chlorinate the spa creating serious damage. The Puresilk™ Chromatic Sampler instantly detects the switch from pool to spa and adjusts all its settings to provide the ideal level of chlorination for the spa.


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