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Puresilkô Chlorine Control System

Chlorine is accepted as the most effective and efficient sanitising agent for swimming pools and spas. However, most methods of applying it involve direct, manual application of large doses of chlorine in tablet, granular or liquid form. They rely on daily water testing and then large and infrequent dosing. So the pool swings between too little chlorine and too much.

They are labour-intensive and some are potentially dangerous. Chlorine is very volatile and can even explode when handled incorrectly. By far the safest, easiest and most accurate way to introduce chlorine is to create it within the pool using just a small amount of salt.

Salt is an amazing substance. For example, the water that makes up two-thirds of our body mass is slightly salty, which explains why salt water is often used to aid our healing.


Purity: Puresilk Automatic Chlorintor. “It’s amazing. The water feels incredibly clean and pure. It’s so soft and smooth, like swimming in silk.”

Salt chlorination should never be confused with swimming in the sea. Our salinity is about 4500 parts per million. The salinity of sea water is around 10 times greater and is not nearly so pleasant. And the salt water in our bodies makes us feel more comfortable in slightly salty water than we do in totally fresh water. In fresh water, our bodies draw in unsalted water through our skin and eyes causing irritation and discomfort.

In slightly salty water, where the salinity level is similar to that of our teardrops, we feel relaxed, soothed and have that luxurious feeling of swimming in silk. And salt has one other amazing characteristic. When slightly salty water passes between two charged plates inside an Electrolytic Cell it generates chlorine. This gas immediately oxidises harmful bacteria and algae. And, once the contaminants are eliminated, the salt reforms without any loss, ready to start the whole process over again.

So not only is a Puresilk™ Automatic Chlorinator the safest and most natural way to chlorinate, it is also the easiest, the most practical and it saves on chemical costs.


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