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Puresilkô Water Quality Management


During initial trials of our new water management system, a teenage test swimmer summed up the total experience perfectly:

“It’s amazing. The water feels incredibly clean and pure. It’s so soft and smooth, it’s like swimming in silk.”

Purity: homogeneous, uniform, free from adulterants, contaminants, dirt, pollution or foreign elements.

People of all ages swim to improve their health and well-being.

Water makes up two-thirds of our body mass and is the origin of human life. So it’s not surprising that it has such a positive influence on us.

For children it’s about healthy, out-door activity. Adults swim to relax or as part of a daily exercise regime. For the elderly, there’s no better form of low impact exercise.

But we are not the only life-forms that thrive in water. And some have a far less positive affect on our health.

Bacteria and algae will grow in any body of water. In a swimming pool, they are introduced primarily by swimmers, top-up water, leaves, grass, dust and animals. A large dog for example, can contribute twenty times as much as a person. To keep your pool water pure, these organisms need to be quickly and totally destroyed.

And by far our most efficient and effective weapon in this battle is chlorine. Chlorine is the world’s most trusted ‘sanitiser’ killing all existing bacteria on contact. And it persists in the water for some time as a ‘residual sanitiser’ killing any new bacteria immediately.


Balance: a state of equilibrium or parity characterised by the cancellation of all forces by equal and opposite forces.

Not only do foreign organisms seek to dominate the water in a pool or spa, so to do competing chemical forces.

These forces must be kept in balance if the water is to stay pure and clean.

In an ever-changing environment this delicate balance is constantly being upset by the weather, by heavy rain, too many swimmers, by adding pool chemicals, etc, etc.

Water that is too acidic or too alkaline will cause itchy skin and red eyes. One way of maintaining this balance is by monitoring the water’s ‘pH’ levels.

A drift in pH above the recommended range will also inhibit the sanitising effect of even the world’s best pool chlorinator.

All of which means that, for cost-efficiency, for water conservation and for your health, sanitiser and pH levels need to be checked and adjusted daily.

In the past, this has meant regular trips to the pool shop with a sample of pool water for testing. Followed by the manual addition of the right amount of chemical to bring the pool back, temporarily, into that elusive balance.


Puresilk : automatic purity and balance.

For over two decades, Puresilk™ has led the world in the development and manufacture of an automated process that creates chlorine in the pool.

Science has long understood that passing a mildly saline solution between electrically charged and specially coated plates will generate chlorine in that solution.

Puresilk™ used this technology in their first ‘salt chlorinators’ and by-passed all the problems of manual chlorine dosing.

These units brought convenience, safety, precision and reliability to the chlorination process and many still regard them as the world’s best.

And now, using even greater technical sophistication, Puresilk™ has tackled the problem of balance to provide an even greater level of convenience and performance in a domestic pool water management system.


What information can you give me on pump sizes for acid and chlorine, eg residential pools vs commercial pools? I understand there are options.

Acid and Liquid chlorine peristaltic pumps feed 50mls per minute up to 300kpa. If you require a greater output, you can connect a larger peristaltic pump to it.

Can separate CO2 solenoid pumps be fitted for commercial pools? Yes, there is an output at the base of the unit specifically for this purpose.

We would need to have all the specifications of the CO2 valve so that we can ensure compatibility.

What is the flow rate of feed pipes supplied, with standard pump?


Having such a low salt level do you need to run more current through the cell & does this reduce the life span of cell.

No, our cells have been operating at this low level for many years and is a proven design.

I believe the chlorine feed is 100% and does not need to be diluted.

Yes, this is correct.



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