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Eliminate cracking of tiles & stone floors forever

This comprehensive range of decoupling and waterproof matting systems will eliminate cracking of tiles and stone floors both inside and out.

The specialized tri-mat separates the finished tiled floor from the substrate due to three layers within the CI++ mat. You place the mat directly onto wooden or cracked concrete floors with flexible tile mortar then use the same tile mortar to fix the tiles onto the mat. There is no requirement to wait and you can lay the tiles as soon as you have fitted the matting saving time. On wooden flooring there is no need to lay expensive cement board and painted on waterproofing compounds saving precious time and additional costs. Concrete floors do not require painted on waterproof compounds, again saving time. You can lay the CI++ directly across different substrates, i.e. wood to concrete floor joints, new concrete to old concrete joints thus eliminating any transfer of movement or cracking through to your new finished tile layer.




Established in 1982, the SSL Group has grown and developed over the years to it’s present status, with two Companies now operating within the Group. These being SSL Distributors Ltd.(previously known as Sunbather Systems Ltd), and  Ultra Corporation Ltd.


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